Creche Room

In the morning this spacious, purpose built room is the happy, comfortable environment of our 6 month – 2.5 year olds. It offers plenty of oppurtunities to play, explore and discover.

The room has an adjoining changing facility, sleep room and dining area, allowing amble time for meals, rest and hygiene. We aim to follow the home routine of the children as much as possible, making the transition to day-care as easy as possible.

In the afternoons the older children will come back from their morning sessions and join in the fun, allowing the younger children to socialise with the older children – which they LOVE!! and siblings to spend the evening together.

The children get to enjoy both free play experiences with age appropriate toys, more structured activities, such as, arts and crafts, play dough creation, expression through music, story time, rhymes and signing; all of which links to the planned curriculum.

We also try and spend as much time outside, in our fully enclosed and equipped garden, which enables us to enjoy the sights and sounds of the farm. We might get to see a tractor or the cows in a nearby field.







Junior Montessori

Our Montessori classrooms

“Junior Montessori”

When the children turn 2 and a half they take the next big step in Aghamarta and go upstairs to the Junior Montessori. VERY EXCITING!! In this caring and happy environment the children are introduced to more of a classroom structure and the Montessori approach.

“The Courtyard Classrooms & The Big House”

The Yellow, Red and Blue Courtyard and Big House Classrooms offer Montessori for ECCE scheme age children. In these classrooms the principles of Montessori are taught;

The prepared environment: Physical, social and intellectual Freedom.

Structure and order: The classroom is ordered and well planned. The teaching materials are carefully selected and presented to the children. Provides structure for learning.

Nature and reality: We bring awareness of the real world and the children are encouraged to understand and resepct the world around them.

Intellectual materials: The montessori materials cover the development activities designed to meet the needs of the children.





Annual Christmas Concert

Each year at Christmas time the children attending the Montessori Classes host a concert for their families.  A lot of practice and excitement goes into the production each year.  Often a special visitor hears the children’s merry voices and pops in for a surprise visit.

Sports evening

With the summer season comes good weather (hopefully) so we take this opportunity to invite the parents to join their children for a Sports Evening. A range of activities and races are organised so put on those running shoes and join in the fun with your child.