Mission Statement

A Breath of Fresh Air Montessori and Crèche is committed to the provision of childcare which is in the best interests of children and young people in Ireland. We strive to nurture, challenge and foster independence in the children we care for, treating each child with respect and valuing each child’s individuality and beliefs.

Our Ethos

To have:

Happy children and parents.

Happy and caring staff.

Positive interactions between children/staff and staff/parents.

Equality for all irrespective of gender, race, religion or additional need.

A safe, developmentally appropriate environment which respects, supports and celebrates the individual needs, culture and differences of each child.

An environment which encourages children to express themselves freely and spontaneously and one which promotes enthusiasm for learning.

Provide learning opportunities through our crèche programme of care, which incorporates the aistear principles and our Montessori, which follow the teachings of curriculum of Dr. Maria Montessori.


Our aims here at A Breath of Fresh Air Montessori and Crèche are:

To support the learning and development of each individual child by providing an integrated, balanced, broad, stimulating and differentiated curriculum. (available to view in Crèche).

To work in partnership with parents, carers and children and as a multidisciplinary team.

We want to provide a secure learning environment which enables children to be:

Respectful of themselves and others

Happy and confident

Independent and interdependent

Compassionate and caring

Tolerant and patient

Curious and creative

Our Objectives

To provide a safe, secure and stimulating environment which embraces all children and values their race, language, gender, age, additional needs, culture, class and religion.

To value all children as individuals and appreciate their uniqueness.

To see parents and carers as the primary educators of the child.

To ensure all staff receive appropriate training and maintain the highest levels of practice.

To develop practice which is based on a philosophy of responsibility towards each other and values the wider community as a means to adding to the richness of our curriculum and centre.

To encourage children’s creativity and imagination through the arts.

Appreciative and appreciated

Aghamarta Montessori School and Creche is registered with the HSE and abides by all applicable statutory regulations.

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